15 useful Apps and Websites which will help you during traveling in Georgia

When you are on your trip, how do you find out which means of transportation is better/cheaper? What places are must see? Which café you should visit, or taxi service/bus company you should use? Or where can you keep your luggage while you are roaming the streets of Tbilisi? I hope this little blog will help you to get the answers you are looking for.

I tried to avoid big companies like AirBnB, Hostelworld, Foursquare etc… As.. you know… everybody knows about them and you are free to use them in Georgia as well. I will try to concentrate on the services which are maybe less known but very useful and will make your stay in Georgia a lot easier.

TTC – official public transport application for Tbilisi bus and metro

websitegoogle playapp store


There are three types of public transport available in Tbilisi – Buses, which start at 7:00-8:00 AM and work ‘till as late as 10:00-10:00 PM (different destinations have different schedule). Metro – which starts at 6:00 AM and is available until 11:00 PM and Yellow minibuses which operate from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM (and again, it depends on the route and maybe even driver’s mood)

Prices for Yellow minibuses vary from 40 Tetri to 80 Tetri (1 Georgian Lari = 100 Tetri) depending on the route of particulars minibus.

Metro and Buses have a fixed rate of 50 Tetri. You can buy a dedicated public transportation card – Metroman (cost: 2 GEL, you can buy at any metro station) which gives you discounts when you switch from one transport to another. You can use the same card to take a cable-car to Narikala fortress. TTC also has a mobile application which is not very user friendly for English speakers but at least it is good enough to see the direction of buses and time of their arrival live.

Tkt.ge  – Tickets for events

websitegoogle play


Before you make friends in any foreign country, the hardest part is to find out which events are happening during your stay in the city. Tkt.ge and biletebi.ge will be your guides in the world of events.  With the help of their apps, you will easily find and book the tickets for different types of events including but not limited to movies, theatres, operas, sport activities, converts and so on. But if you are looking for more underground type of events, I would suggest you to go to eventer.ge and take a look at their Music category (you will find a lot of other useful info as well)

Menu.ge – Food delivery service

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Georgian cuisine is very diverse and has some of the unique tastes and ways to consume food. Probably you already planned which restaurants to visit and what to taste, but you might not always be in a mood to go to a restaurant. If you prefer to enjoy your meals in your cozy apartment – Menu.ge 24/7 food delivery service will help you in that case. Menu.ge is a part of a bigger British company – “Menu Group” who entered the Georgian market several years ago and has the most partner venues among similar services in Georgia. Menu.ge operates in the main cities of Georgia, like Tbilisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Kutaisi, Gori, and their couriers are always ready to deliver your food from any corner of those cities in approximately 40-45 minutes. For the payment, you can use VISA/MasterCard or cash. The company offers three ways of placing an order – online: via mobile application, through web or by calling +032 2544444.

TravelingSpoon – exploring Georgian kitchen


Travelspoon 2

If you like Georgian cuisine so much that you actually want to learn how to make some local delicious meals and surprise your friends once you get back then Nino & Lia will be your guides in exploring Georgian kitchen. They will travel with you in local market and teach you how to choose the right ingredients for your meals and next you will prepare with their assistance some Pkhali, Gebjalia, Mchadi and other traditional meals. At the end – you will try what you just cooked and hopefully, you will enjoy it ))

Bolt – Taxi app

google playapp store


There are several Taxi companies operating in Georgia and I can say Bolt is not the cheapest but if you prefer cleanliness, pre-defined cost of your travel, friendly drivers and safety, Bolt is a way to go.

Metrogeorgia.ge – buses between Georgian cities and Turkey

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Metro Georgia

Georgia is famous for it’s beautiful nature and diverse landmarks. There is a lot to explore… mountains, valleys, forests, seaside… I think, it’s a crime to come to Georgia and miss the beauty it hides in the countryside and Metro company will help you to get there. Keep in mind that Metro is a Turkish company and there are some limitations according to their culture (e.g. if you are a male traveler you can’t take a sit next to a female traveler that you don’t know)

Vanillasky.ge – for domestic flights


Vanilla sky

You might believe I’m biased, but Racha and Svaneti are the most beautiful parts of my country. It takes around 5-6 hours to get there on a car. A lot, isn’t it? Especially when you are visiting and every minute matters. I would suggest you to use local flights which are operated by Vanillasky . Prices are 50 GEL and 90 GEL for Racha and Svaneti accordingly which is around double the amount you would spend on a bus, but if time and comfort are more important for you, you know what to do. Keep in mind that local flights are in high demand and book them upfront.

Railway.ge – Railway tickets between cities in Georgia

websitegoogle playapp store

Georgian railway 2

Great way to get around Georgia, and easy to use. With the website and application you can buy electronic tickets of local railway passenger trains in any direction, both full, also by student’s tariffs.The additional service cost for online purchase for each ticket is 1 GEL but it’s totally worth it if you want to be sure to have a seat on chosen train.

Scootscoot.ge – scooter rental company



During rush hour, driving in Tbilisi might be a lot worse than in busiest Asian cities – between 18:00 and 20:00 traffic in the city is horrible. If you don’t want to waste your time in traffic or you just enjoy driving a scooter than renting one is a good option. In Georgia, you can drive scooters with engine size under 50cc without driver’s license and finding  a parking spot with a scooter does not require same headache that car drivers have )) If you decided to rent one – Scootscoot will help you with everything you need – pretty big choice of different scooters, English speaking instructor, affordable prices and hey, they are located in Tbilisi Fabrika which is a must see place anyway, so give them a visit 😉

Smartcase.ge – Locate your luggage, self-service



On my short trips, one of the services that I use almost always is a baggage storage which should have a good location, cheap prices, ease of use and reliability – In Tbilisi, Georgia, I think that Smartcase is the best fit – located in the vicinity of a Freedom Square, the heart of the city and prices is just 10 GEL for 24 hours.

Cstbilisi.com – City sightseeing services around and outside the city


citysightseeing tbilisi

This website allows you to get information about bus tours, activities, day tours, holiday packages and help you to explore places with other people who share your interests. You can book packages directly from the website.

Georgiastartshere.com – Informative portal about traveling in Georgia


Georgia starts here

Online platform dedicated to Georgia – they write about real experience and real people in a brief, smart, and casual manner. This website holds hundreds of articles on different topics arranged into categories e.g. Top relaxing accommodations , best summer destinations , top 10 fortresses in Georgia and other interesting ways to explore our beautiful country.

Tbilisifreewalkingtours.com -walking tours to explore Tbilisi


Tbilisi free walking

Tbilisi is a small and beautiful city, with curvy streets, pavements and cozy small houses. Each and every street holds its unique story which you might miss without the help of experienced local guides and that’s why I suggest you to take Tbilisifreewalkingtour – they have some of the best guides in the city who will help you to explore the true Tbilisi. And hey, it’s completely free. If you like the tour – share as much as you think is appropriate.

Audioguidegeorgia.com – audio tours in Georgia

websitegoogle playapp store

Audio guide Georgia

With Audio Guide Georgia mobile application you can listen to qualified guides and get the full information on the different touristic attractions of the country. You can learn about historical monuments, streets, buildings and various places with your mobile phone while walking, cycling or driving to the places you are interested in.

Audio Guide Georgia Mobile App can define your location with its GPS system. You can download the preferable tour and use it offline, without internet.

Gustav.ge – dry cleaning and laundry with home pickup



For the obvious reasons I don’t use laundry services that much in Georgia, but if I had to, I would go to Gustav – I just love their branding, laundry design, with all those neon lights, light blue building and colorful chairs – you will love this instagenic place.




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